How to Heal Health in Grounded (Craft Bandages Guide)

How to Heal Health in Grounded (Craft Bandages Guide)

Health is critical in any survival game. When you are eliminated by an ant or any number of threat in the game and you respawn, you will need to restore or heal your health. While food and water can satisfy hunger and thirst, they do not restore the health. For this you need to craft Bandages in Grounded. With the Bandage you can repair damages and heal health. This game is all about crafting and finding resources in order to survive. If you have played any survival game in the past you would be familiar with the mechanics. However, knowing the exact way to accomplish this is essential. Sometimes, discovering these things on your own can take time and delay your progress in the game. Stick with us and we will show you how to heal health in Grounded or to craft Bandages in Grounded.

How to Heal Health in Grounded or Craft Bandages

In order to heal yourself in Grounded you will need to craft Bandages. There are several tiers of Bandages that you will use in the game, all made from different materials. The basic bandage is the Fiber Bandage. To craft it, you need 3 Plant Fiber and 2 Sap.

Both the resources are easy to find and you can get them without any hassle. You can find the Plant Fiber throughout the map, they appear as grass coming out of the ground. Sap on the other hand appear on trees. They are small yellow blobs. The best place to find Sap in Grounded in on fallen twigs or branches.

Once you have the resources, you can get to crafting the Bandages. You can craft the bandage from the Craft tab. After you have made the bandage, it will appear in the Inventory and you can use it to heal health from there. One bandage might not be able to heal you completely. Depending on the damage you have taken you might need more than one bandage.

When roaming in the world always be on the lookout for resources and food. Usually, when you find one you will get the other. That’s all we have in this guide, check out other tips and tricks in Grounded.