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How to Heal and Restore Health in Lost Judgment

How to Heal and Restore Health in Lost Judgement

In Lost Judgment, you will be into several tough fights throughout the game in the streets of Yokohama and Kamurocho and so you have to heal and restore your health after certain fights. And many players have no clue how to do that. However, there are several ways. Go through the following guide to learn how to heal and restore health in Lost Judgment.

How to Heal and Restore health in Lost Judgment

As we have said, there are multiple ways to Heal and Restore your health in Lost Judgment. Check out the following ways:

1. One of the easy and simple ways to refill your HP is to visit any of the game’s restaurants. Just visit there and eat some food by ordering from their menu. How much you will heal, that depends on how much you eat. It is important to note that, you cannot eat more than the capacity of your HP bar.

2. Another great way to heal yourself is to spend skill points to regain even more HP when you eat. Once you unlock Enlightened Eater, Healthy Eater, and Conscious Eater, it will offer you 30%, 20%, and 10% more HP recovery respectively while eating.

3. Drinking alcohol will also restore HP but be cautious as once Yagami will be drunk, you will notice changes in his fighting pattern, and also his EX Gauge will be spent at a faster rate. However, the EX Gauge will be refilled naturally over time during the fight as you release attacks and receive damages. 

3. Also, you can restore your health by utilizing items such as snacks and drinks. You can buy these items from convenience stores like the Poppa franchise stores or you can find them across the city. Usually, you can find common items such as Toughness Light, Staminan X, Tuariner, and Toughness Z.

4. Yagami smokes cigarettes at certain selected spots across the city that restores his EX Gauge. However, you will need to buy cigarette packs from convenience stores. 

That’s everything you need to know How to Heal and Restore Health in Lost Judgment.

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