How to Get Zinogre Electrofur in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Zinogre Electrofur is one of the important materials in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). You can obtain this item by looting the environment or by completing quests and objectives. Also, you can get it by carving specific Monsters like Zinogre and these are used primarily for upgrading and crafting a player’s equipment such as Ibushi Tree Long Sword which is also called the Demon Halberd ll. This weapon features 200 Attacks and Elemental Thunder 12. Here are the quick details on how to get Zinogre Electrofur in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How to Get Zinogre Electrofur in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Zinogre Electrofur can be obtained only in the High-Rank locations. To access High-Rank maps in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to reach 6 Star Levels with quests. Zinogre Electrofur can be found in any of the High-Rank locations of the Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns. Slay or capture the Zinogre monster and you will have a chance to get Zinogre Electrofur.

Weaknesses of Zinogre Monster to defeat

– Keep attacking the head of Zinogre until it flinches once to break a horn and keep attacking until it flinches twice to destroy both horns.

– Attack on the backside until it flinches 3 times to break.

– Utilize your weapons that can cut and damage the tile to sever it.

The highest possibilities to get Zinogre Electrofur is:

– 40% from dropped materials

– 33% from Target Rewards

– 30% from Broken Parts Rewards

– 29% from Capture Rewards

– 24% from Carves 

This is how you can bring down Zinogre and get Zinogre Electofur in Monster Hunter Rise. Know How to Get Dragonbone Relic in Monster Hunter Rise.

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