How to Get Woodsman Armor Skin in New World

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

After multiple delays, finally, New World is going to be released on 28th September. Amazon has announced during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live broadcast that the Open Beta will be running from 9th September to 12th September 2021 and the full version on September 28.

However, players can pre-order the Deluxe Edition of New World that will cost you $49.99. This edition offers some extra content such as a digital artbook, exclusive emote, mastiff house pet, and several goodies. Players will also receive Woodsman Armor Skin which is a cosmetic set that you can apply to your armor in New World. But, players are wondering how to get Woodsman Armor Skin in New World as many of the players can’t find it in the game. If you are having the same issue, below is the detail.

How to Get Woodsman Armor Skin in New World

If you have already purchased the Deluxe Edition and entered into the Closed Beta, you must be wondering about your exclusive skins and perks. Since the game is still in Beta, players cannot access their exclusive content including Woodsman Armor skin.

The full version of the game is all set to release on 28th September 2021 and then players will be able to access all of the purchased content and try their skins and characters. 

So, don’t bother if you are not able to find your skin now. It will surely be applied to your account once it is launched officially.

If you are still interested to buy Deluxe Edition, you can visit the official website of New World or you can also get it from Steam. Deluxe Edition is not limited to pre-order so you can buy it throughout the closed beta period and then enjoy its content when the full version of this game will release.

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