How to Get Wood in Fallout 76

 How to Get Wood in Fallout 76

Wood is an essential material that the players will need in Fallout 76 because there are plenty of uses of wood in the game, whether the handles of the wood or in the camp construction, wood has a lot of uses in the game and the good thing is it can be found in abundance in the game but if in case you are not able to find it easily then follow this guide of Fallout 76 about How to get Wood so you can get the wood easily.  

Where to Find Wood in Fallout 76

We are going to mention some of the places where players would find the wood easily without having to look around the map they can easily find it in the below-mentioned places.

Players can initially start by looking for the giant wooden log stacks which you can collect by clicking on “Grab.” Else you can look for these locations directly.

Gilman Lumber Mill

Gilman Lumber Mill is the first location where you can find wood in huge amounts, and you can grab it as much as you want and in every form. Players can even interact with the yellow Protectrons and ask for wood from them. Players have to be aware of the ticks cause they can get you.


The second location that the players can look for is Helvetia town, behind Freya’s Restaurant, behind the Honey House, and inside and outside the Cheese House.

Prickett’s Fort

In Prickett’s Fort, players will find the wood in almost every house, or else they can directly go and grab it from Section 2 and Section 4. Players can also grab the tools like hacksaws, etc., from this location.

Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp

This area is mostly covered with branches and trunks, but players have to look around for the wooden logs, which are not that tough to do.

Middle Mountain Cabins

The fifth place for the wood is Middle Mountain Cabins; look into the houses, and you will find the stacks of wood easily.

WV Lumber Co.

You will see a lot of wood here, but you cannot pick every stack, so look for the stacks that you can grab easily.

In conclusion, players can follow the above guide and get the wood easily, but you have to be aware of the enemies as you may have to fight with them during the process.

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