How to Get Withered Bone in Valheim

How To Get Withered Bone In Valheim

Withered Bone is an important item in the game even through it’s not required for crafting anything in the game. In fact, it’s an item required to progress in Valheim. Without the Withered Bone, you won’t get past the Swamp biome as it’s required to summon the boss. With over two weeks in the game, most players have reached the stage where they require the bone and want to know the location of the Witched Bone. If you are wondering the same, keep scrolling through the guide and we will share you how to get Withered Bone in Valheim.

How to Get Withered Bone in Valheim

To find Withered Bone in Valheim, you will have to go to the Swamp biome and find the Sunken Crypt. However, before you do to the Crypt, you must first obtain the Swamp Key that is required to open the Sunken Crypt. The key is a drop from the second boss ‘The Elder’ in the Black Forest. So, once you defeat the second boss, you will get the key among other item.

Once you have the key, locate the Sunken Crypt dungeon in the game. You will know when you see them in the game. The spawn location is random so there is no fixed location. It appears as a dark green square structure with iron gates and two greenish torches at the front. It quite unmissable. Unlock the gates using the Swamp Key and enter the crypt.

Sunken Crypt Valheim

When you enter, you will find Muddy Scrap Piles blocking your way. You can break them with the Pickaxe. Breaking the Muddy Scrap Piles drops the Withered Bone. So, this is the location of the Withered Bone in Valheim.

Once you have the bone, you can use it to summon the third boss in the game – the Bonemass who will drop several items including the Wishbone. You can use this item to find rare metals like Iron and Silver.

So, that’s how to get Withered Bone in Valheim. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips.

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