How to Get Upgrade Points in Biomutant

Biomutant – How to Get Upgrade Points

Upgrade Points are one of the most important mechanics in Biomutant. As the name suggests, these points are crucial to upgrading the skills of the protagonist in the game. With the upgrade points, you can unlock a wide variety of Wung-Fu or special skills in the game that enhances the character permanently. However, upgrade points are not easy to come by and you would never have enough for everything you want. So, spend them wisely. In this guide, we will show you how to get upgrade points in Biomutant.

How to Farm Upgrade Points in Biomutant

There isn’t any way to get a lot of upgrade points. To get Upgrade Points in Biomutant, you need to level up the character. Every time you level up, you will be rewarded with one Upgrade Point. We suggest that you stack the points and only spend when you know an ability will serve you throughout the game. You can stack as many points as you want without worrying about losing them.

Like most RPGs, looting is crucial in Biomutant as well and that brings us to the second method to get the Upgrade Points. After each boss fight, you have access to its lair and there are various things you can interact with. There are certain objects in these places such as relics, books, etc. that can be interacted with and each of these objects award one Upgrade Point. In one location, you will not find more than one of these objects.

Hence, it’s crucial that you interact with everything when you visit a mini-boss or boss lair.

Side quests from NPCs are a great way to obtain a lot of items in the game and there are plenty of side quest in Biomutant. Go through all the side quests and some of them can reward you with the Upgrade Points.

There are three ways to get the Upgrade Points in Biomutant, namely leveling up the character which provides 1 point, looting the Lair for bosses, and by completing side quests. None of the methods offer you more than 1 Upgrade Point at a time, so it can be a grind to get the points.        

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