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How to get Unbanned in Halo Infinite (Fix User is Banned Error)

How to get Unbanned in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s full version is going to be released on 8th December 2021 but the multiplayer mode of the game is already live and fans are jumping into it to enjoy the gameplay of the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite. But, as usual, the game is showing bugs and errors from the beginning and players are getting annoyed. Besides the server issues and blue screen bug, now the game ban players for some hours.

Players are confused and annoyed because they don’t understand why they are getting banned suddenly. Well, if Halo Infinite is giving you the ban message, that means you have somehow broken the rules and the game is now punishing you.

When you are joining a match with your teammates, it is like a commitment to your team that you won’t leave the match until the match ends. If you are now receiving the ‘user is banned’ message means you have accidentally or intentionally left your teammates in a disadvantageous position and left the match. In other games, these things don’t matter, but in Halo Infinite, you’ll get punished for it.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix this user is banned error in Halo Infinite.

Getting Unbanned in Halo Infinite – How to do it

This ‘User is Banned’ is not an error but a punishment to the players who quit the game leaving their teammates in a disadvantageous position. If it’s the first time, the game won’t be that strict with you and ban you for five minutes; for the second time, you’ll be banned for 15 minutes; for the third time, the punishment lasts for 30 minutes; fourth time, the game will ban you for 1hr; you’ll be banned for 3 hours if you repeat the same offense for the fifth time, and for the sixth time, you’ll get banned for 16 hours.

The game has taken this step because if you suddenly leave a match, it’ll affect the gaming experience of all other players who were playing the match. Because it is not an error, it has no fix. You have to wait until your ban period ends and after that try to rejoin the game.

It is also true that sometimes players got disconnected because of internet problems or server issues. Therefore, it’s a better idea to check your internet connection before you enter a match, and if you are getting disconnected again and again try restarting your router to fix your internet connection problem.

That’s all you need to know to fix the ‘User is banned’ error. To avoid this error, the best option is to check your internet connection before you join the game and not to leave a game mid-way. Play every match to the end.

If you get the ‘User is banned’ message while trying to play Halo Infinite, and don’t understand the reason, check out our guide to know the reason and the solution.

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