How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

 How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

When the Roblox platform debuted the anime-themed game Blox Fruits, it quickly became immensely popular among gamers. The Roblox platform is well-known for providing a varied range of games to the community, with the purpose of providing the best gaming experience possible. Blox Fruits is one such game that they have released in order to provide the role-playing gaming community and anime fans with an experience of gaming mixed with a story and the thrill based on the One Piece anime series, from providing the players with new quests to encountering NPCs and some mind-blowing rewards depending on the missions. Players may modify their avatars, in-game titles, and much more. When fulfilling certain quests or using particular game features, such as unlocking new weapons, players may demand an explanation for the clues. Weapons act as deciders in the game as they consist of variations in dealing damage; dangerous the weapon higher the chances of the player gets turning out to be the ultimate winner of the game. One such weapon in Blox Fruits is the Tushita Sword. In this guide, we will find out how to get Tushita in Blox Fruits.

How to Unlock Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits(Roblox)

The Tushita sword is one of the most powerful and best blades in the game; Tushita was added to Blox Fruits in update 15. Tushita is named after one of the six heavens in Buddhism, and it is one of the two cursed Katanas other being the Yama. One thing that players have to remember is only players who are level 2000 or above will be eligible to do the quest and can get their hands on the sword; otherwise, a notification of You’re not worthy will appear on the screen. 

Tushita deals severe damage with fast attacks in player versus-player combats and in the raids also, and hence it is worth unlocking one.

Here is how Tushita can be unlocked.

Players have to obtain God’s Chalice first, which is an item that drops from Elite Pirates.

Players have to interact with an NPC in the castle at the sea who will give a kill an elite pirate quest; completing this quest, players will stand a two percent chance of receiving the Chalice.

The God’s Chalice can also be obtained by praying at Gravestone on the Haunted Castle.

After killing the pirate, players will have to summon the rip__indra boss using the same God’s Chalice.

Defeat Indra without killing him.

Now head towards Hydra Island and find the waterfall room or the hidden room.

Players will encounter ghosts in this room; after defeating these ghosts, fand ind the secret entrance for the floating turtle.

Light all five torches by using the holy torch in under five minutes, which is a Tushita puzzle.

First, one will be found inside the arches of the bridge.

The second torch will be behind the tree on the arch nearby a broken bridge.

The third torch will be hanging on a wall inside the pineapple house.

The fourth one will be found on the wrecked ship nearby the Mythological Pirates.

And the last one will be in a house near the forest pirates.

A door of a room will open, which is the room of Longma, who is a level 2000 boss.

Defeat Longma, and he will drop the Tushita. 

Pick it up, and you will be the Celestial Swordman, and the Tushita will be yours.

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