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How to Get Trustee in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

How to Get Trustee in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

A new weapon is now available in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. And it’s getting the fans excited. Bringing to you – “Trustee” – a 260rpm, rapid-fire frame, legendary scout rifle (and can be put in the same category as Black Scorpion) which is pretty nasty.

Trustee – A single word is etched inside the barrel: “Alton-1.”

It even has a new perk called Redirection which is damaging rank and file combatants’ increases damage against more powerful ones. With Trustee God Roll and the right perks, this is surely a weapon of lethal destruction.

How to Get Trustee in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Trustee drops from the new Deep Stone Crypt raid and can be found in 3 different locations. But, the players must find it in the first drop area for it to become available in the next two areas as well. You can locate the chests at the very start of the raid near the end of the Sparrow portion and about halfway through the jumping puzzle.

Note – The Deep Stone Crypt is a challenging raid but it presents a good opportunity to earn some exotics.

  • If you are lucky you can get it in the raid’s first, encounter itself.
  • When you reach the end of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, the new chest may include Trustee. But, it might be possible only if a player has previously claimed it.
  • There’s also a new type of chest that spawns immediately after the Deep Stone Crypt raid’s final boss is beaten. This offers players to trade 20 Spoils of Victory for a chance at a previously earned gear.

Destiny 2 Trustee God Roll Guide

The Trustee might be a lot better at PvE than PvP. And with the following perks for the God Roll you can set your Trustee up a notch:

  • Smallbore (helps with stability and range of the scout rifle, enhancing rifle’s innate traits.)
  • Tactical Mag (increases reload speed, adds stability increases magazine size from 17 to 27)
  • Reconstruction (refills the weapon to double its capacity)
  • Wellspring (players can recharge their abilities)

These perks will help the Trustee to be a more stable and accurate scout rifle. And you can be sure to have more kills with this weapon vs the others for its medium to long-range prowess. Players might suggest that 120/140 hand cannons do a good job at duels but they lack damage and aim assist pushing them down the pecking order.

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