How to Get to Lightkeeper’s Building in Escape from Tarkov

 How to Get to Lightkeeper’s Building in Escape from Tarkov

Extraction games are known for their laborious gameplay, and they demand a lot of concentration from the players while they are in the game playing it. Escape From Tarkov is one such game where players have to invest a lot of their time and intelligence in completing the quests to receive rewards, and one such quest is the “Lightkeeper’s Quest.” Following its tradition, these quests are not at all easy to complete. In this guide, we will lead the players on how they can get to the Lightkeeper’s House.

Lighthouse Building

How to reach Lightkeeper’s Room in Escape from Tarkov

Reaching the Lighthouse and lightkeeper is not an easy task as players have to cross a bridge paved with landmines that can or else definitely will blow the players up during the process and will send the players back to the Stash. Be very careful while crossing the bridge and even when you are approaching the building, as you may get sniped by the “Antler Man” waiting for you to come. To make it safely to the Lightkeeper’s room safely, players have to follow a certain path as the landmines are spawned at the same place every time, so follow the below steps, and you will definitely reach the latter’s room safely.

Players have to keep the heals in abundance because landmines deal a lot of damage to the players; keep healing while you are in the game and completing the quest. Let’s start with how to reach the Lighthouse.

a) Enter the main entrance carefully by moving to your right; you’ll see some boxes, start moving backward, facing the main gate and back towards the lighthouse landmine will blow, but you’ll take minimal damage; heel asap.

Face the Main Entrance

b) Keep moving the same way, and the second one will explode, again heel .

c) Now turn towards the building and jump on the concrete blocks in front of you and jump, another one will go off, but this time you might not get any damage.

Jump on these Concrete Blocks

d) Keep moving to the right side of the bridge; as you approach the Army truck again, turn around and face towards the main gate; another will explode, and you will barely take any damage.

Army Truck

e) Keep approaching the lighthouse with your face toward the building; this time, you have to move very slowly as a landmine will explode in front of you around the wooden boxes, and you won’t deal any damage this time.

f) Now get off the bridge towards the right side and approach the dead body slowly and turn around again to avoid the damage by the explosion. Keep going the same way while healing yourself up, as some more will explode behind you.

Jump Down

g) Keep going the same way; your back towards the lighthouse. When you reach the corner, beware of the last one, jump over the barricade, and you are in the lighthouse premises.

h) While approaching the lighthouse, be cautious and take one step at a time to avoid getting noticed by Antler Man.

i) Enter the lighthouse and take the blue door to the left and climb two floors up.

The Blue Door

j) After climbing, you’ll see a red light over a door; open this door. This is the access to the Lightkeeper’s door.

The Door with the Red Light

This door will show “you are denied access” to this area because players are not yet able to get through this door. As they have not yet permitted the players to get through this door, and the reason is unknown.

Initially, players used to get through this door by getting a DSP transmitter by failing the ‘’Bullshit” quest, but it ultimately turned out to be a bug that has been fixed by Battlestate.

Access to the Lightkeeper’s Room

To conclude above guide can be referred to reach the lighthouse as of now. Whenever there is an update about the access to the Lightkeeper’s room, we will let you know in another Escape From Tarkov guide.

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