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How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, there are a few Royal Monsters. These types of Monsters are rare and very strong and mostly found sleeping in the world. It is important to find out these Monsters as they will give you an egg of a powerful Monstie. Tigrex is one of the Royal Monsters and is the first Royal Monster you will encounter in MH Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Since, getting it a bit difficult, below we have given the complete details about How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

You can find it in the land of Alcala, the second region where it is sleeping peacefully. It is not that easy to fight with this monster as it is way stronger than the usual Monsters you will find while exploring the world. So, get ready for the very tough battle with Tigrex. However, once you know the tactics, it will be easier for you to beat as Royal Monsters do not move and stay at one spot only.  

Tigrex Monster can be found in the following three areas:

1. Alcala Vally (Go to this area and look behind the huge rock where Tigrex is sleeping)

2. Harzgai Rocky Hill (Follow a single route and head to the peak of the hill. You will meet Tigrex there)

3. Harzgai Hill (Enter in the far-left exit of the same spot above. Head to its end and there you will see an open area where you will see a Tigrex is sleeping.

However, Navirou will inform you about any Royal Monster once you get close to it. Once you reach the above three areas, you simply need to approach it, begin the fight and win.

Now the point is how to get a Tigrex egg? It is simple! When the Monster retreats to its Den, follow the route and grab an egg from its den while it is sleeping. 

Tips to win against Tigrex – A Royal Monster

In order to beat Tigrex easily, check out the following tips:

– Break maximum parts of Tigrex while fighting

– Throw a Paintball to increase its retreat rate considerably

– Try to break its head using a Great Sword when it activates Shock Trap

Do these things and Tigrex will retreat and thus, you can easily grab its egg. Tigrex is quite tough to beat so make sure to invest some time but it will be worth it!

That’s all for this guide on How to Get Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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