How to Farm the Swarm in Destiny 2

The Swarm is one of the three weapon on weekly rotation in the loot of Nightfall activity in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. While people are crazy about the Palindrome, this weapon is also worth the effort and you should get it while you can. If you played the original Destiny, you know all the three weapons were a part of that game and have been reintroduced with this season. So, if not for the power, you would want it for the sake of collection. Stick with the post and we will show you how to farm the Swarm in Destiny 2, the week they become available, god roll, and stats.

How to Farm the Swarm in Destiny 2

To farm the Swarm in Destiny 2, you first have to play the Nightfall activity in the week that has the weapon listed in the drop pool. Currently, if you play Nightfall, the drop is Palindrome, so after the next reset which is on Tuesday, you will have a chance at the Swarm. The drop rotates between the three weapons each week in the order of Palindrome, Swarm, and Shadow Price. So, starting 23rd Feb, which is two days from now, you will have a chance at the weapon.

There are some other ways you can increase your chances of getting the weapon as a drop. You either play through the activity in Adept/+1300 or Master/+1330 difficulty. The Swarm drop rate that both the difficulty is Common. As the drop rate for both difficulty is common and you want to farm the weapon, we suggest you through the Adept difficulty and clear through the game fast to get the reward. But, the drop is still random and depends on the Destiny RNG, so fi luck is not in your favour, you may have to play a few times to get The Swarm.

At Adept difficulty the chance of the weapon dropping is Rare and at Hero its Uncommon. If you are a solo player, the best chance for you to get the weapon is to play at the Hero mode which offers a better chance.

So, sum up the higher the difficulty the better chance you have at getting the weapon to drop.

Another way to boost your chances is to equip the Prosperity (Vanguard) perk from your Ghost. With this perk, you drastically increase your chances of farming the weapon. The perk reads, “Vanguard playlist strikes and Nightfall completions have a chance to drop an additional piece of legendary gear.” It just means you have one more opportunity to get the weapon drop.

Destiny 2 the Swarm God Rolls

In the first main perk Colum, you can get Killing Wind, Outlaw, Bottomless Grief, Dynamic Sway Reduction, and Surplus. If you are a PVE player, any of the perks you get from these would make a great god roll. However, if you want it for PVP, the god rolls are Killing Wind and Dynamic Sway Reduction.    

For the second, you have Zen Moment, Slideways, Tap the Trigger, One for All, Dragonfly, and Vorpal Weapon. If you are a PVE player, the god roll would be One for All and Vorpal Weapon. However, if you want it for PVP, the god rolls are Zen Moment and Tap the Trigger.

So, to farm Swarm in Destiny 2, play through the Nightfall activity in either Adept or Master difficulty, play the mission when the weapon is in the drop pool and have the Prosperity (Vanguard) perk equipped. The Swarm god roll for PVP are Killing Wind, Dynamic Sway Reduction, Zen Moment, and Tap the Trigger. The Swarm god roll for PVE are any perks in the first slot and One for All and Vorpal Weapon for the second.        

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