How to Get The Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake

Antara B
Antara B

Dead Space Remake was one of the most anticipated games of this year because it is the remake version of a popular game with the same name. The game has tons of things to do, and as you progress, tasks become challenging. While the game has tons of things to find, there’s probably anything as difficult to find as the Peng Treasure. So, this guide will help players find Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location and What to Do With It?

If you have been playing Dead Space Remake for a few hours now, you are probably aware that this game has tons of things to do, and one among them is to find Peng Treasure. The more players go into the game, the more collectibles they will find; some are necessary to progress through the game. The Peng Treasure is not necessary, but this is one of the game’s most valuable and well-hidden treasures. So, if you get stuck while finding the Peng Treasure, nothing surprising.

In Dead Space Remake, the Peng Treasure is well hidden, and players can access it after they reach Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. As you progress through this Chapter and reach almost the end, you will access the Cargo bay. You’ll get an objective in this Chapter that says, ‘Engage the Cargo Crane.’ To complete this task, you have to go to the elevator and come down.

As you come out of the elevator, turn left, and you’ll see a few boxes over each other. Use your Kinetic weapon to move them aside, and you’ll see a locker. You can check the image below for reference-

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location and What to Do With It

However, there will be some Necromorphs that you need to kill before you open the locker and get the item inside it. As soon as you pick up the item from the locker, you’ll get the ”There’s Always Peng!’ achievement. This Peng Treasure is important to get this achievement as there’s no alternative to get this achievement. Alternatively, you can sell the Peng Treasure at the Store to earn 30000 Credits.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake. Though this is not mandatory to collect, you can get it if you want to explore the entire game.


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