How to Get the Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost in Destiny 2

Antara B
Antara B

Destiny 2: Lightfall was released a few hours back, and players have jumped into the game because it is the latest expansion in the Destiny 2 Series. Since the base game was released in 2017, the story has been progressing through these expansions, and with a new expansion comes new weapons and content. However, the Campaign length of these expansions is excessively long, so players often ask for a skip option, and this time the developers granted their wish. This guide will help you know how to get the Lightfall Campaign Skip boost in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

How to Skip Lightfall Campaigns in Destiny 2? Explained

If you are a fan of Destiny 2 and have played all the expansions of the game, you are aware that the campaign missions take a long to be finished, and the Lightfall expansion is no exception. So, completing all the Campaign missions with three characters will be challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, naturally, players often ask for the skip option, and finally, in Lightfall, the developers have brought the option. However, it is not free though.

In Lightfall, there are eight campaign missions, and completing them with three characters will take an excessively long time. So, this time players will get the chance to purchase the Campaign Skip Boost for 2000 Silver. Purchasing this Campaign Skip Boost will unlock Strand, but it has some conditions given. First, players must beat the entire Campaign with their main Character, and it must reach the Soft Cap, which is 1750. Now, if you have completed the Campaign but haven’t reached the 1750 level, you must continue playing until you reach the Soft Cap. We recommend completing the Campaign at Legendary Difficulty to finally reach the Soft Cap and unlock the chance to get Campaign Skip Boost. It will allow your other two characters to skip the Campaign.

How to Skip Lightfall Campaigns in Destiny 2? Explained

To Skip the Campaign, go to the character selection screen. The character you have reached the Soft Cap, except for him, others will get a small yellow icon on the right side of their name. Click on it, and it will tell you it will skip the Campaign and unlock Strands. If you have enough Silver, click the pink icon below to purchase it and skip the Campaign for that character.

That’s all you need to do to get the Lightfall Campaign Skip boost in Destiny 2. Because it needs to be purchased, it will be on players whether they want it or not. It indeed saves time, but still, it’s a bit expensive (based on where you belong to). So, you must think before you skip the Campaign.

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