How to Get the Isn’t Life Wondrous? Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

 How to Get the Isn’t Life Wondrous? Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 is out and we have a whole new Desert region to explore and with every new region comes loads of Hidden Achievements. This time around we’ll tell you how to the rather complicated Isn’t Life Wondrous? Hidden Achievement in the new region of the Desert.

Isn’t Life Wondrous? Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact 3.4

This achievement takes a bit of time and can get confusing so pay attention. You can get this achievement once you’ve unlocked the Setekh Wenut World Boss and the underground tunnels and passageways are more or less open for exploration. It’s recommended you complete the Dirge of the Bilqis World Quest to get a lay of the land and get acquainted with the underground tunnels. 

Step 1:

Teleport to the waypoint east of Passage of Ghouls- the one near the Setekh Wenut world boss. Head north and jump into the hole with the Wenut boss. As you glide down, head southeast towards the passage. 

Step 2:

Follow the seelie at the entrance to the passage. If you don’t have a seelie just keep following the main passageway until you reach a hole in the ground that takes you even below to another level.

Step 3:

Head in the general northeast through the tunnels. You’ll have to take two turns to the northwest first to reach the road that takes you northeast. You’ll notice a viewpoint marker as you enter this road. Another marker is that this road is directly underneath the overworld path indicated on your map.

Once you’re on the correct path, head towards the underground domain and go past it. Follow the underground route until you see a Dendro totem on your left. Activate it.

Step 4:

Turn back and head towards the northeast. You’ll notice another hole just close by. Jump down to another lower level and head southwest from there. 

Keep going until you see a big snake enemy with a big red health bar. Defeat it so that it doesn’t interrupt you and then light up the Anemo totem close by. Use it to glide all the way to the top- as far as it goes.

Step 5:

Head southwest through the tunnel until you see a Mora Stone monument in the middle of the road. As you interact with it and collect the Mora, you’ll fall down as the sand underneath will cave in. Once you do fall down there’s another wind current directly northeast of you to bring you back up.

Keep going further south in the direction of the Wenut boss and you’ll see another Dendro totem. Activate it.
Both of these Dendro totems will open up pathways blocked by thick Dendro vines. Once you do this you will get the Isn’t Life Wondrous? Achievement. Do note that going down the holes is vital for getting this achievement so don’t skip the last hole even though you could do without falling into it.

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