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How to Get the Infallible Trophy or Achievement in Fall Guys

How to Get the Infallible Trophy or Achievement in Fall G

Fall Guys has an Infallible Trophy and the process to obtain it is so difficult the developers think it’s unachievable. From the outside, the game may appear cute and challenge-less, but don’t be fooled. Winning a single match in the game is tough enough, let alone several in rows. Players who manage to win consecutive five matches unlock the Infallible Trophy. And what the developers thought was impossible in the game, not the least during the initial days is already being achieved by a select few players. Therefore, if you want to know how to unlock the Infallible Trophy in Fall Guys, stick around and we will show you how.

How to Get the Infallible Trophy in Fall Guys

As we now know that some achievements are exclusive to PS4 and the Infallible trophy is one of them. The lead developer of the game, Joe Walsh once said and I am rephrasing, ‘some achievements of Fall Guys is so difficult, he thinks players will never achieve them.’

Considering the 60 players that jump into the game and just one winner, securing 5 wins in a row is certainly difficult, but not impossible. One player confirmed on Twitter to have won 5 game in a row in the first day of play. Hence, the game may not be as difficult as the developers thought. It just takes persistence.

In order to unlock the Infallible Trophy, you will have to beat 295 players across five matches. In each match, there are five rounds, so, you would have to survive 25 rounds to get the Infallible achievement. However, unlike other games, Fall Guys does not require a lot of skill, it’s mostly luck. So, to achieve the feat you will have to dedicate considerable time on the game. However, even after multiple attempts you are failing to win a single match or a few in rows, there is a way out.

As revealed by the lead developers, they are considering brings a notch down when it comes to winning trophies. You can expect this in the next patch or even after a certain period of time. In such a case, if you are unable to win matches, it’s best to wait for the update rather than mulling over it now.

Some of the ways you can increase your chances of winning the Infallible Trophy in Fall Guys are:

  1. Have a full party of 4 players
  2. Stay at front and play it safe, don’t take initiatives for dangerous stuff
  3. A controller is better than a keyboard and mouse.

Since, winning is luck based in the game, there is only so much you can do and hope for the best.     

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