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How to Get the Guiding Sight in Destiny and Its God Roll

How To Get The Guiding Sight in Destiny and Its God Roll

Guiding Sight is a Legendary, Kinetic, Scout Rifle with High Impact Frame (slow fire, high damage) and Pulse Monitor (improves weapon handling when wounded). The 150 RPM Rifle is the latest to be available in the loot pool of Iron Banner along with a 120 RPM Steady Hand Cannon.

Guiding Sight in Destiny and Its God Roll | Weapon Stats and God Roll

The Scout Rifle might not be a good pick for PVE but is decent for PVP. Except for Impact and Range, the base stats for the weapon are somewhat on the lower side but with good perks it can be leveled up.

Guiding Sight Description – Forged in honor of Efrideet, and all that inspires.

Impact: 67

Range: 68

Stability: 32

Handling: 34

Reload Speed: 42

RPM: 150

Magazine: 13

Aim Assistance: 30

Inventory Size: 40

Zoom: 21

Recoil: 75

Bounce Intensity: 25

Bounce Direction: Tends Vertical

  • For Sight Options: You can opt for Red Dot Micro or Cleanshot IS. Both of these short zoom help in increasing the Range and Handling speed (better to have a short zoom on Scout Rifles than long zooms). Players can also pick Hitmark IS in case extra Handling is their primary need.
  •  In column 2 for Magazine Perks – Ricochet Rounds might be the best pick for more Stability and Range. Players can also pick Extended or Appended Mag in case bigger Mag is their preference.
  • First Perk Column – Rapid Hit is a universal favorite increases Stability and Reload Speed. Surplus (provides added Bonus) and Ambitious Assassin (overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills) are also good choices. Can avoid Hit Fire Grip.
  • Second Perk Column – The combination of Rapid Hit + Vorpal looks exciting (Vorpal increases damage against bosses,  vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active) or Rapid Hit+ One For All can be a smart choice for PVE giving a strong damage boost. Another combo with strong potential can be Ambitious Assassin + One For All (increases damage for a moderate duration). For PVP specifically, Iron Grip can be also picked.

Hope you would agree with the suggested perks above, although in general Iron Banner weapons are curated with good perks. Keep checking here for more updates on Destiny 2 Weapons and their God Rolls.

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