How to Get the Gourmet Achievement in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

To get the Gourmet Achievement in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, you will have to consume all the edibles available in the game. It’s one of the easiest achievements to get, but you need to watch out for secret shops that are missable and without consuming the food in them, the Gourmet Achievement cannot be achieved. When you enter a shop, eat all the available food items, you don’t want to take them. Eat them then and there. Stick with us and we will share the location of all the shop in the game, the edible in each of them, and what they cost.

How to Unlock the Gourmet Achievement in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

To unlock the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game’s Gourmet Achievement, you need to purchase and eat all the food items in the shops throughout the game. You do not have to purchase anything other than edibles. As you don’t have to purchase any other items, be sure to eat the item you purchase so you know, they are edibles. Also, you don’t have to complete the level for the achievement to count. You can simply open a level eat all the edibles in the shops and return to the menu. Do this will all the levels and you will get the Gourmet Achievement in no time. Here are the location of all Shops, items and their cost in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

Level: The Shopping District Level

In ‘The Shopping District’ level there are a total of four shops and a secret shop. All the shops are aligned to one another and are at the top of the street, except the secret shop. Here are all the four shops and their edible content with price.

Delicious Cup

  1. Tea – $1.40
  2. Coffee – $1.60
  3. Espresso – $1.60
  4. Hot Chocolate – $2.50
  5. Iced Latte – $3.75

Dee’s Tex Mex

  1. Nachos – $7.75
  2. Tacos – $9.85
  3. Burrito Grande – $11.25
  4. Quesadilla – $13.50
  5. Fajitas $17.95


  1. Chewing Gum – $0.95
  2. Chocolate Bar – $1.25
  3. Cola – $1.80
  4. Grape Juice – $2.25
  5. Energy Drink – $2.95

Sushi Bar

  1. Miso Soup – $2.50
  2. Avocado Hosomaki – $2.50
  3. Salmon Nigiri – $3.85
  4. Ikura Don – $4.60
  5. Rainbow Maki – $8.75

After you have eaten all the food items in the four shops, continue walking along the shopping district and a tunnel will be visible. Enter the tunnel and there should be a black star on the wall. When you walk up to the graffiti, a new entrance will appear. That’s the secret shop.

Wallace’s Mystery Shop

  1. Tlaloc’s Feast – $49.95
  2. Ambrosia – $59.95  

Level: Casa Loma’s Film Set

In this level, there is just one shop which should appear right at the start of the level. As you spawn in the level, an enemy would appear as well, defeat the enemy, go a little further and enter the shop.

Fancy Chip Wagon

  1. French Fries – $1.80
  2. Poutine – $3.50
  3. European Hot-Dog – $3.80
  4. Buffalo Burger – $5.80
  5. Croque-Mineieur – $6.50

Level: Leo’s Place

As you start the level, progress normally fighting all the enemies that appear and after a while you will notice a merchandise stand named ‘Leo’s Store.’ That’s your store.

Leo’s Place Stand

  1. Carbonated Water – $0.60
  2. Classic Potato Chips – $0.95

Level: The Frying Tengu

Unlike the previous levels, the store in this level is quite deep in the level. It means you will have to play quite a bit to reach the store. Proceed with the level and when some ninja’s appear from the floor that’s your clue that the store is near and watch the top of the screen. You won’t miss the store it’s quite conspicuous.

The Frying Tengu

  1. Ramen – $5.95
  2. Udon – $5.95
  3. Tempura Vegetables – $5.95
  4. Tempura Shrimps – $5.95
  5. Kushiyaki Moriawase – $14.95

Level: Fire Escape

The store is in the second screen of the level. And is quite easy to spot. There is a welcome mat on the floor.

Scott’s Dad BBQ

  1. Iced Tea – $0.95
  2. Tropical Punch – $2.25
  3. Kebab – $4.95
  4. Hamburger – $4.95
  5. Filet Mignon – $18.95

Level: The Park

In this level there is just one secret shop and quite difficult to find if you don’t know what you are doing. Thankfully, you have our guide to spot the shop. As you progress through the level, watch the top of the screen. After you have taken the key, you will see 4 NPCs. Head to walk between them and you will be teleported to the entrance of the shop.

Mobile’s Secret House

  1. Herbal Tea – $1.60
  2. Wild Blueberries – $2.95
  3. Ginkgo Biloba – $9.95
  4. Sautéed Shiitake – $9.95

Level: Techno Base

The last so had to be the toughest, you will have to fight a lot and progress quite into the depth of the game to access the store. After defeating the four girls and the two flying guys, the shop will appear.

Techno Shack

  1. Food Pill – $2.50
  2. Beef Jerky – $2.95
  3. Energy Tank – $3.95
  4. Microwave Chicken – $3.95

Visit all the shops including the secret shops, consume all the food items and you will get the Gourmet Achievement in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game from the main menu.

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