How To Get The Crew Deck Card In Dead Space Remake

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

As you explore the USG Ishimura, you will uncover various secrets and fight enemies aboard the ship. You will also have to complete objectives for the surviving crewmates, and one of the objectives you will receive is to find the crew deck card key to override the crew deck. The objective is simple enough to complete if you know where to find it. In this guide, we will see where to find the crew deck card in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake – Where to Find the Crew Deck Card

You will receive this objective while completing Chapter 10: End of Days. Here we will see where to find the Crew Deck Card in Dead Space Remake.

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During your conversation with Kendra Daniels, she will mention the supervisor of the crew deck has an override key, and her last known location is the Gym. After the conversation ends, turn on your navigator to make your way to the common area of the crew deck. Go right, then go to the far left side, you will find the door that leads to Zero-G Gym.

After entering the gym, take the first left into the passage and go straight. On your right is another door. As soon as you enter it, head left into the chamber. The chamber will disable gravity while you are in it, but you can still float toward the power cube near the yellow circle. You can also complete the Z-Baller Trophy/Achievement while you are here.

Use your Kinesis ability to draw the power cube towards you, then exit the chamber and go right towards the cargo lift. Place the cube into the board to activate it, then take the lift up.

Once you are up, go to the far right corner, and you will find the supervisor dead. Retrieve the crew deck keycard from her corpse to complete the mission.

That’s all there is to know about getting the crew deck card in Dead Space Remake. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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