How to Get the Corgi Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

 How to Get the Corgi Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

In Patch 6.3, a lot of new items have been included, including new accessories, new animals, and dwarf versions of bosses that you have tackled during the gameplay, and minions are the companions that look super cute. You feel accompanied in the game though they won’t help you in the battles, or they won’t even get hurt when you are in combat. In the new update, there is this new cute lil thing that has been added, and it’s a corgi minion, which is eventually a cute dog companion. In this guide, we will decode the process of how to get the Corgi Minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV, How to Unlock Corgi Minion

To unlock the minion, players have to complete certain quests; players will need Faux Leaves to get the dog. These Faux Leaves will be earned from the Faux Holows minigame that is located in Idyllshire and by interacting with the Faux commander. 

Idyllshire (marked with flag)

To do this, firstly, players have to complete Mr. Foe quest, which will unlock the Unreal trials. 

After completing these trials then, players have to play the Faux Hollows game with the Faux commander, and it will earn them the Faux leaves; players will need at least 400 Faux Leaves to unlock the Corgi Minion. 

To earn these leaves, it will take some time for the players to complete the quests and grind through the process. Once you have the leaves, you can unlock it by interacting with the Faux commander, then click on exchange faux leaves; from the others section, you can get the minion by clicking on the show only recently added items.

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