How to get the Bombastic Bling in Roblox

How to Get the Bombastic Bling in Roblox

The Bombastic Bling is basically an orange necklace that will make you a lot more attractive in appearance. To get the Bombastic Bling in Roblox, you will need to participate into the game Robloxian High School and complete a few easy tasks.

How to Get the Bombastic Bling in Roblox

  • In the Robloxian High School game you will have to create a VIP server. You can use a public server but using a VIP server is convenient.
  • On up your new server select the Explore option to teleport to school.
  • Now go to the front door and turn left at the hallway and left again into the library.
  • Once you are inside the library, immediately turn to left and sit on the first black chair there.
  • Important to note that you need to be there before 8am, and if you are sitting in that chair when the clock changes you should see a key coming out from behind the chair.
  • Next, you take the key and exit the library and go towards the classrooms (If you do not know how to get to the classrooms in school, you can click on explore on the right hand side of the screen and directly teleport there).
  • In the hallway and you will find a door, right after the Workshop and it would be without a label.
  • Get inside the room with your key and go through the portal.
  • Now you need to complete the Obby to get the necklace aka the Bombastic Bling.

The Obby might be difficult so you might need to put your efforts through a couple of trials. An easier way to cross this would be to go to “dress up”. Select tuning on top left. Now do the following – head scale (0), width (0), height (a little above the middle), lower body width (0) and lower body height (a little above the middle).

Your character will now look a little weird but this body shape will help you to use minimal space while crossing the Obby. The Obby is difficult to cross and you will have to restart in case you fail. But with this trick, you should be able to succeed.

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