How to Get the Apex 101 Badge in Apex Legends

 How to Get the Apex 101 Badge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends in their recent update for the Spellbound Collection Event, introduced a number of additional challenges for players to complete. After completing the number of tasks, players will receive the Apex 101 badge. 

Even if you are a new player or a veteran player, these challenges will provide a new and refreshing challenge. In order to get the Apex 101 badge, players need to complete 10 welcoming challenges. Here are the challenges, players need to complete to get the Apex 101 badge.

Apex 101 Badge challenges 

There is a total of 10 different challenges players need to complete in order to get the Apex 101 badge. These welcoming challenges will give a new player a good introduction to Apex legends and for veteran players, new challenges to complete.

Here are the 10 welcome challenges:

  1. Restore 200 Health
  2. Slide 3 times
  3. Deal damage with ordnance 
  4. Swap armour for a higher tier one
  5. Survive until the top 5 squads are left
  6. Break down 3 doors with melee attacks
  7. Use a phoenix kit
  8. Take an item from the care package (this doesn’t include the Lifeline care package)
  9. Get a kill fromover 100m
  10. Win the match and become a champion squad

For a veteran player, these challenges will be easy to achieve but a new player, who doesn’t know much about the game yet, will get to know different things about the game. 

A new player might not know that ordnance is throwable items which deal damage to the enemy and there are many ordnance available in Apex Legends like frag grenades, thermite grenades, etc.

Completing all the 10 welcoming challenges will give players the Apex 101 badge. A player can also see the progress of the challenge by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Seasonal tab
  • Select challenges 
  • Click “Welcome to Apex” in the challenge tab.

That’s how you can keep the challenge in check to complete all of them. After obtaining the Apex 101 badge, players can equip the badge on any legends. 

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Shubham Chaurasia

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