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How to Get Sturm in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

How to Get Sturm in Destiny 2

Sturm is among the top competitive PVP weapons. The 120 RPM Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon has been in the game since the start of Destiny 2 but is now rising quickly in popularity. Read on to find out how to get Sturm in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

How to Get Sturm in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Sturm can now be acquired from the exotic kiosk in between the vaults in the tower (purchase exotics for materials). For Sturm, you will be needing 1 exotic cipher (can be obtained from XUR), 100000 glimmer (farm from activities), 150 microphasic datalattice (can be farmed in Nessus), and 1 ascendant shard (can be obtained from nightfall strikes).

You can also get Sturm’s Catalyst by defeating Non-Guardian enemies on Nessus. The Catalyst helps increase Sturm’s Range by 18 and Handling by 36

Sturm in Destiny 2: Beyond Light | Weapon Stats and Perks – Curated Roll

Bungie has made significant changes to aggressive framed Hand Cannons and that has helped Sturm rise up the PVP charts. Players feel the Strum is highly underrated and is now finally catching up to its name. The overcharged rounds and high impact damage are its strong points.

Impact: 92

Range: 64

Stability: 56

Handling: 46

Reload Speed: 55

RPM: 120

Magazine: 9

Aim Assistance: 50

Inventory Size: 30

Zoom: 14

Recoil: 80

Bounce Intensity: 20

Bounce Direction: Tends Right

The Sturm is a very effective, fun, and engaging weapon to play within PVP. And it has quite a few interesting perks to choose from. Sturm and Drang (sidearm) complement each other very well. Basically, Drang’s perk called Together Forever makes kills with this weapon reload Strum and fills bonus damage round into it. So if you have Strum you can simply get the Drang from the gunsmith as well.

Perks – Curated Roll

  • Exotic Intrinsic: Accomplice – Kills help fill the magazine of the equipped Energy weapon from reserves.
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel – Increases Range and Recoil by plus 10 each, decreases Handling Speed by minus 10.
  • Magazine: Extended Mag – Greatly increases Magazine Size +30 but Reload Speed declines by minus 20.
  • Trait 1: Storm and Stress – This is a legendary trait. Kills and final blows with Drang will reload Strum and overfills bonus damage round into the magazine.
  • Trait 2: Combat Grip – This legendary Grip helps greatly control Recoil by plus 20.

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