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There are a number of items in Monster Hunter Rise that are specific to one map and only in certain locations. The Sturdy Bone is one of them. To get the Sturdy Bone, you have to scour the Lava Caverns map, but it can be a time consuming task as you would have to go through a vast space. Don’t worry through, we have got you covered, we will share the exact location where you can find the Sturdy Bone in MH Rise.

How to Get Sturdy Bone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To get the Sturdy Bone in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to search the bone piles in Area 2, 5, 8, 10, and between 10 and 8 in the Lava Caverns map. The difficult part of the quest to find the Sturdy Bone is its rarity. Even when you manage to find the first few bone piles, you may have to go over others as the drop rate for the Sturdy Bone is very low.

If the item does not drop, you can revisit the bone piles and it may spawn again. If you are looking to farm Sturdy Bones in MH Rise, the strategy is to hit all the locations repeatedly after some time as the resource is known to spawn.

The Sturdy Bone is an important item in MH Rise as it used to craft and upgrade a range of weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

Some of the items that can be made from the Sturdy Bones are the Bone Buster, Wind Thief Scimitar II, Deadly Serpent Blade, Goss Harag, Death Stench, Rhopessa sets, and others. While the drop rate from the item is low, you at least do have to fight any monsters to obtain the resource, which makes it a little easier compared to a lot of other items in the game.

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