How to Get Strike Achievement in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is the love-child of Bioshock and Wolfenstein, reincarnated in a Soviet realm with greater visuals and better weapons and more powers and lot more (oh, and no sprinting). While it presents you with its own tier of horror, formidable bosses, powers and weapons, there are certain moments that are supposed to reward you for the relentless fighting that you are going to go through as a result of this game. One such achievement is the Strike achievement. So, what is the Strike achievement and how do you go about obtaining this achievement? We shall tell you everything in the following article that you might need to know about the Strike achievement. So, hang on and read on.

How to Get Strike Achievement in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart: How To Reach The Exhibition & Beat The Hog-7 Hedgie Boss |  'Brave New World' Quest Guide - Gameranx

During the mission “The Brave New World,” Hedgie can be located at the entryway to the “Exhibition.” You’ll discover an upgrade station and a save spot as you approach the boss battle arena. I recommend storing all of your weapons (you won’t be firing) but maintaining a melee tool on hand like the infamous and lethal Zvezdochka. To keep yourself living, fill the final inventory spaces with health pills. Run speed and dodge enhancements from the “Character” area can also help you avoid assaults.

To begin the monster fight, use your electric strike to elevate a statue from the floor. The statues described in the accomplishment description are these ones. If you stand behind the first one, Hedgie will charge into it, crashing to the ground and exposing a weak spot. You can land a few strikes with the combat weapon on the orange nodes here.

Atomic Heart – Hedgie Boss Revealed in Extensive New Gameplay

Now we must fight to remain living until we can erect another statue. Hedgie will perform different charge strikes that can be avoided by jumping over and ground shock waves that can be avoided by jumping over again. Maintain your distance and recover as required until another terminal emerges from the earth that you can zap with the Electric Shock. When zapped, another statue will rise from the earth; use this as protection to deflect a charged strike. Hedgie will fall to the earth, where you can exploit another weakness. Repeat this method until you’ve destroyed all five statues and slain Hedgie. 

Final Tips on how to Get Strike Achievement in Atomic Heart

Reload your save and attempt again if you failed to demolish all five statues during the battle. Try to recall which sculptures you didn’t demolish and crush those first, as this appears to be accumulated over numerous reloads. (For example, if you demolished 4/5 on your first run and 3/5 on your second run, the accomplishment still appears because you broke each unique statue).

Also note one more thing, if the achievement does not unlock after you use melee weapons, then on another run, do not use weapons. Yeah, you read that right. Let the statues do all the damage and you should get the achievement. 

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