How to Get Stars in Shadow in Destiny 2 and Its God Roll

Stars in Shadow is a High Impact Frame (slow firing, high damage) 340 RPM Legendary Energy Pulse Rifle. An impactful and versatile weapon for both PVE and PVP, Stars in Shadow is probably one of the best Pulse Rifle in the game. Read on to find out how to get Stars in Shadow in Destiny 2 and Its God Roll.

How to Get Stars in Shadow in Destiny 2

Stars in Shadow is accessible to players in form of random drops at the end of any type of match in the Crucible. Using a Prosperity mod on Ghost will give players a good chance to get legendary loot. The Rifle might also be available by ranking up to Lord Shaxx in the Tower and get it from the Engrams dropping there.

Stars in Shadow in Destiny 2 | Weapon Stats and God Roll

Stars in Shadow deals Solar Damage and can be a monster in PVP but also holds up well in higher-level PVE. The weapon can be perked up for insane Range although Handling, Reload Speed should be the main focus of boosting up.

Impact: 33

Range: 66

Stability: 49

Handling: 31

Reload Speed: 41

RPM: 340

Magazine: 28

Aim Assistance: 28

Inventory Size: 49

Zoom: 18

Recoil: 64

Bounce Intensity: 36

Bounce Direction: Tends Right

  • For Barrel players can pick Arrowhead Brake – the lightly vented barrel which increases Handling +10 and Recoil +30 or Corkscrew Rifling – a balanced barrel which increases Range, Stability, and Handling of each by +5.
  • For Magazine Accurized Rounds should be the preferred option which can help fire longer distances increasing Range +10. Go for Appended Mag or Extended Mag if a Magazine size of 28 is a concern.
  • For Legendary Trait 1 – Outlaw (can help greatly with Reload Speed), Killing Wind (increased Mobility, Range and Handling for short duration) and Feeding Frenzy (each rapid kill increases Reload Speed for short duration) are all great perks.
  • For Legendary Trait 2 – Kill Clip has a universal appeal. With Kill Clip reloading after a kill gives increased Damage. Some good combinations to form – Quickdraw + Kill Clip, Outlaw + Kill Clip, and Surplus + Kill Clip. Other perks to try Headseeker, Dragonfly, and Thresh.

Hope you agree with the God Roll suggested. Players can further switch around combinations based on their PVE and PVP needs.

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