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How to Get Starmetal Tools in New World – All Starmetal Tools

How to Get Starmetal Tools in New World - All Starmetal Tools

Ore is one of the resources in the New World which can be collected through Mining. It can also be refined into Ingots by utilizing Smelting and create weapons, tools, and cartridges. Starmetal Ore is a Tier 4 Ore that can be used in crafting certain recipes. Startmetal has the potential to create Tier 2 and Tier 3 Raw Gemstones as well as Sparkmetal.

List of All Starmetal Tools

– Starmetal Mining Pickaxe

– Starmetal Logging Axe

– Starmetal Harvesting Sickle

– Starmetal Skinning Axe

– Wyrdwood Fishing Pole

However, it is quite difficult to acquire most of the ores. Here we have provided a complete guide on How to Get Sarrmetal Tools in New World.

How to Get Starmetal Tools in New World

Starmetal Ore can be acquired by mining a Startmetal Vein. And to get these veins, you need to use a Pickaxe with 100 mining levels. If you have no idea where to get Starmetal Vein to mine Starmetal Tools, do not worry. You can find it at Mourningdale, north of Restless Shore, and Great Cleave. These three locations have a large number of deposits and particularly, Great Cleave is the best spot that has an exclusive mining area with a huge quantity in a small area.

The best part of Starmetal Ore is that it respawns over time, so occasionally, you can check spots to find it. Also, you can check Easter Brightwood, Northeast of Windsward, and Southwest of Weaver’s Fen.

As we have said, to start mining, you will need to be at mining level 100. To speed up the process, make sure to upgrade steel and iron pickaxes as early as possible. By doing this, you can start mining ores quickly.

Also, you can farm it on your own or purchase it from the Trading Post. Following are the details of some other Ores and their levels so you can find them too at level 100.

1. Iron Ore – Mining Level 0

2. Saltpeter – Mining Level 0

3. Silver – Mining Level 10

4. Oil – Mining Level 20

5. Gold – Mining Level 45

6. Alchemy Stones – Mining Level 50

That’s all for this guide on How to Get Starmetal Tools in New World. Also, check out – New World: Tender Wolf Loins Locations – Where to Find.

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