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How to Get Stargazer Flowers – Monster Hunter Rise | MHR | MH Rise

How to Get Stargazer Flowers - Monster Hunter Rise MHR MH Rise

Not all materials are created equally in the game of Monster Hunter Rise. Most of the material you will need for your equipment can be found on expeditions or hunts, while sometimes you will need a little help from Buddies to obtain special materials to craft. One of these items is the Stargazer Flower which you will not find on your quests.

What is the Use of Stargazer Flowers?

Particularly, these flowers can be used for the Edel equipment set that boasts a 3 in poison resistance, which can be a boon in some specific battles. It is quite simple and easy to get the other materials for the Edel set but Stargazer Flowers can be a bit tricky which you will need to learn how to get it.

Let’s learn in the following how to get Stargazer Flowers in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Stargazer Flowers in Monster Hunter Rise | MHR | MH Rise

Stargazer Flowers can be obtained by your Meowcenaries when you send those on expeditions to the Frost Islands to collect from some specific nodes. When selecting where to send your Buddies, you’ll want to go to locales with:

– Small monsters

– Rare herb nodes

Your buddies are the main to get a Stargazer Flower or more than one, particularly Meowcenaries.

Meowcenaries collecting will only be progressed by finishing quests. Ensure to check on your Palamute and Palico gathers after every battle.

If you are gunning for these flowers really, you may send multiple Buddies on the Meowcenaries and try to get them, and make sure to use a Lagniapple to boost up your opportunities. If you are lucky enough, your Buddies would come back with at least 1 Stargazer Flower for you which you can use in the crafting.

That’s all for the guide on how to get Stargazer Flowers – Monster Hunter Rise | MHR | MH Rise. Keep learning more and more about Monster Hunter Rise and become a Pro player in this new MH series. Learn How to Swap Equipment & Weapons, and Pause Game in Monster Hunter Rise.

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