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How to Get Skill Points in Serious Sam 4 – Unlock S.A.M Skill Points Guide

How to Get Skill Points in Serious Sam 4 – Unlock S.A.M Skill Points Guide

S.A.M Skill Points is just one of the unique features added to the new title in the Serious Sam series of video games, but it’s probably the most crucial and the first thing you should know to unlock in the game as it offers a range of perks and skills. With the abilities that you unlock, not only can you approach the game differently, but also have more firepower to progress faster hacking and shooting the horde of aliens. Stick around and in this unlock S.A.M Skill Points guide, we will show you how to get the skills points in Serious Sam 4.

How to Unlock S.A.M Skill Points in Serious Sam 4

If you thought you knew how skills points work in games, you are in for a surprise as Serious Sam 4 has quite a different approach. Skill points in the game are objects that you can collect at the various levels of the game. As you progress through each of the levels of the game, look for military caches, they contain the skill points.

Most are conspicuous and will be visible as you fight with enemies along the path, but there are others that are not as obvious and you may have to look for them. The game offers a lot of hidden rewards and health, so explore the nooks and corners as much as possible. Ensure that you have covered most of the map before you head to the final objective.

After you have amassed sufficient amount of S.A.M skill points, you will unlock rewards that will help you progress in the game faster and abilities that will render you capable of taking on tougher enemies. Use the perks and skills as the situation demands. The game provides you a quick in-game menu to access the various weapons and skills, so use them as necessary. Remember, using the right weapon and perks is an integral part of the game. Some weapons may not stop an approaching enemy, so use the adequately powerful weapon for different enemies.

As you start the game, some of the skills you could rely on are the Time Wrap, Black Hole, and H.E.A.R.T. But, as the game progresses and you unlock more skills, test them and combine a bunch of them to take down the aliens. Time Wrap is one of my favorites. What it does is obvious, it slows down the time in a certain radius.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know how to get the S.A.M skill points in Serious Sam 4 and how to combine them to win levels.   

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