How to Get Scholarships to Go to College in BitLife

 How to Get Scholarships to Go to College in BitLife

BitLife is undoubtedly a popular life simulation game where players can create a character and take control of their life from birth to end. If you have been going through a life simulator game like BitLife, you have to pass all the stages of life as you do in your real life, and of course, you have to go to college. However, College is as expensive in BitLife as it is in the real life, and thus the scholarship system is also featured in the game. So, this guide will help you know how to get a Scholarship in BitLife.

BitLife University Scholarship Guide- How to Get?

In BitLife, players have to go through all the stages a person goes through in real life, so naturally, education comes first. After your character completes high school, they must go to college, and the tuition fees are very high in BitLife. So, if you want your character to go to College, you have to start preparation from the beginning because the Scholarships are only provided to those students with high smart stats.

BitLife University Scholarship Guide- How to Get

The smart stats of your character gets high when you visit libraries and read books whenever possible from the beginning. So, you have to focus on these things from the beginning, so that when you go to college for admission, you can also apply for the scholarship. The Scholarship option comes at the time when you apply for college, but unless your smart stat is high, you can’t get the Scholarship.

BitLife University Scholarship Guide- How to Get

However, if your character’s smart stat is not impressive from the beginning but has an excellent athletic stat, you can also focus on that to get a Scholarship. During your middle school and after that, join sports clubs, play basketball, football, or other sports, go to Gyms, walks regularly, and contribute to your team. these activities will increase your athletic stats, and you can get a scholarship to pay for your college fees. Try to focus on a single game, and gradually, your athlete stat will increase.

That’s all you need to know about how to get College Scholarships in BitLife.


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