How to Get Salt in Eastward

How to Get Salt in Eastward

Eastward is the latest RPG-based 2D game developed by Shanghai-based developer Pixpil. It is a charming adventure and beautifully detailed game for Mac, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This game is finally launched to take players on a fantastic journey across an unreal world that has full of peculiar enemies and bizarre characters. In this world, the currency is called ‘Salt’ which you will be using to upgrade items as well as purchase a variety of ingredients like vegetables, dairy, and meat.

Below is a quick guide on how to get Salt in Eastward.

How to Get Salt in Eastward

In order to survive on the dangerous journey, you will surely need some money and Salt is the main currency you will use in Eastward. You will use Salt to buy items, ingredients, and upgrades. So, you will certainly want Salt as much as possible.

The best part of the currency in Eastward is that you can easily and quickly collect Salt just by playing the game sincerely. In order to collect Salt, you will need to kill enemies, break jars and barrels, and open chests that you will find in dungeons. Amongst all these ways, you will get maximum Salt by opening Chests. Generally, you will find 50 Salt from each of the Chests.

Another best part of this game is that almost all items are very cheap to buy. For example, you will need only 50 Salt to upgrade each of the backpacks that makes it very easy to get lots of expansions beforehand. Besides, ingredients of cooking are also very cheap and you can obtain them in the wild too. 

That’s all for this guide on How to Get Salt in Eastward.

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