How to Get Saddle in Minecraft

 How to Get Saddle in Minecraft

Crafting System is one of the best things players can have in Minecraft. The hardcore survival game has hundreds of things to craft. From weapons to building materials to food items, players must craft all of them using the Crafting Table. However, there are only a few items that players can’t craft in Minecraft, and Saddle is one of them. This guide will help players know how to get Saddle in Minecraft.

Saddle Location in Minecraft- How to Find?

Minecraft takes players to a hardcore survival world where enemies and danger wait all over the map. However, the Minecraft World is massive and divided into several biomes- Snow biome, Jungle Biome, Desert Biome, etc. To locate things, players need to travel huge distances. Unfortunately, there are no cars or vehicles available in the game. Initially, the only way to travel faster is boat or Horse.

The horse is one of the greatest land transportation until you get your Elytra. However, horses can’t allow you to ride them if you don’t have a saddle. A saddle is one of those items that you must have in your inventory if you want to ride a horse or any other animal in Minecraft.

Saddle is one of the fewest items in Minecraft that players can’t craft in the game. Players must find a saddle by fishing or killing Ravagers and Zombified Piggins. Both these methods are equally hard. Fishing has a rare chance to give you Saddle, and killing a Ravager is challenging enough that you may even get killed. If you think fishing will give fish, how come saddle be found through fishing; let me tell you, sometimes fishing gives you treasures, but the chance of getting saddle is not more than 1%. If you are looking for Ravagers, they will accompany the Pillagers. If you find a Pillager Tower, start a fight or wait for the Pillagers to raid your village, so you can kill Ravager and get Saddle.

Saddle Location in Minecraft- How to Find

Now once you get a Saddle, find a horse and interact with it to place the saddle on it. As long as the horse has the saddle, you can ride it and travel distances faster. Of course, the horse won’t let you ride it easily, but with the saddle on, things become easy. The saddle can be put on any animal you want. Pigs, Cows, etc., everyone will allow you to ride if you put a saddle on them.

So, the best option we suggest is to purchase it for 6 Emeralds from Master Leatherworker. Well, you need to have Emeralds for this. Leatherworkers can be easily found in the villages, but trade with one who has got the Master status. Sometimes probably, you can get Saddles in the chests.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Saddle in Minecraft.


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