How to Get Rathalos Ruby in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Rathalos Ruby is one of the rare and precious gems from inside a wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). This Ruby is a rare drop from High-Rank Rathalos hunts. The problem is, it can be very hard to find if you don’t know what you are doing. This is very important material to upgrade the powerful weapon ‘Death Stench Tree Long Sword’ which is also called the ‘Squawkscythe’. To upgrade to this weapon, you will need 3 Sinister Darkcloth, 2 Monster Hardbone, and 1 Rathalos Ruby. This weapon features 180 attacks. Players will also benefit from its decent 180 attacks and Blue sharpness. So, do not miss getting the Rathalos Ruby material.

Rathalos High-Rank Rewards

– Target Reward: 1%

– Capture Reward: 3%

– Broken Part Reward: 4%

– Carve Reward: 3%

– Dropped Material Reward: 1%

Here we will know how to get Rathalos Ruby.

How to Get Rathalos Ruby in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

You will find Rathalos Ruby in Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Lava Caverns, and Flooded Forest Maps. To get Rathalos Ruby, there are two best ways:

1. Break Parts

The highest chance to get Rathalos Ruby is through breaking the parts of Rathalos monster, so ensure to smash its wings and head. And also cut off its tail which is also one of the highest chances of getting a Rathalos Ruby.

2. Capture Reward

While broken parts rewards and carving have the same chances of dropping Rathalos Ruby, you will obtain more items from capturing. Thus, it is more likely you will get a Rathalos Ruby this way.

This is how you can Get Rathaols Ruby in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Know more about this game. Learn How to Get Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

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