How to Get Rainbow Trout in NieR Replicant

In the quest of Fisherman’s Gambit Part 3, NieR Replicant needs you to catch a rainbow trout. That sounds simple but the game won’t tell you about the exact location of Rainbow Trout, players have to find their ways to grab it from the particular location which is quite tricky to find on the first try. Even if you manage to find it, catching the Rainbow Trout is also a tricky part. So, to help you, here we have given a quick guide on how to get Rainbow Trout in NieR Replicant.

Location of Rainbow Trout in NieR Replicant

You will find Rainbow Trout in the center of the Northern Plains area. You will see a large-sized lake there, find a small dock which has a boat tied to it. Once you find it, get into it and you can fish from there. Make sure to get earthworms to bait from the village for 10 gold to catch Rainbow Trout. Now let’s talk about the main point.

How to Get Rainbow Trout in NieR Replicant

That’s not as easy as you think to grab the Rainbow Trout in the NieR Replicant. First of all, get into the boat we have talked about above and throw your line into the river. To do this: Press Circle on PS or B on Xbox. Next, wait for some time and let the float go down. You will come to know when something will bite, you will know that is it the Rainbow Trout when it tugs a little bit twice, and then it will bite hard.

As soon as you feel the strong tug, pull out the left analog stick towards you and counter in the same direction where the fish is pulling in. Along with it, keep checking the health bar of the fish, if it starts falling, you are doing it perfectly. 

You might grab many other garbage fishes in the fishing process but ultimately, you’ll be able to catch Rainbow Trout. Once you will complete this 3rd part of Fisherman’s Gambit, you will unlock the next part 4.

That’s everything you need to know how to get Rainbow Trout in NieR Replicant.

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