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How to Get Poultry in New World

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New World is a survival game by Amazon Games released on 28th September 2021. In survival games, besides hunting, fighting, and exploring the world, another important thing is that players need to feed themselves to survive. New World is also a survival game, so players need to feed themselves to survive in the New World.

When we hear the phrase ‘poultry,’ the first thing that comes to our mind is chicken. But in New World, there is no chicken, so you have to make your poultry farm with Turkeys. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get a poultry farm in New World.

How to Get Poultry in New World

There is no chicken in New World, and to make poultry, you have to look for wild turkeys, but it is not a challenging task to do. Turkeys are very common in the world of the New World, and they are found almost everywhere. If you want to get a lot of turkeys, look for them in the forests or near mountains.

If you don’t want to get turkeys by following this process, then level up yourself to level 25, and then you can track turkeys by your compass. Go near the forest with your compass, and you can see several turkey icons on your compass. Stay there for a while, and you can hunt a lot of turkeys.

Players can cook and eat them. You can consume raw meats for XP benefits but cooking them is much more beneficial. You can sell your cooked dishes or just trade the raw Poultry to other players. They can also collect the feather of the turkey to make arrows.

That’s how you can get poultry in New World.

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