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How to Get Piercing Claws – Monster Hunter Rise | MHR | MH Rise

How to Get Piercing Claws - Monster Hunter Rise MHR MH Rise

Piercing Claw is one of the earlier High-Rank materials you will need to craft HR gear. Since the new instalment of Monster Hunter is released, players are wondering how to get Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise. In the previous Monster Hunter title, Piercing Claw could be crafted from a variety of creatures such as Girros, Shamos, and Jagras. Players could not buy from the vendors. 

In this new series, Piercing Claw is a ‘High Rank’ material which means you need to slay the monsters at High-Rank. So, there will be NO point if you will slay monsters at ‘Low Rank’. 

Be aware that, some materials must be gotten via Meowcenaries so ensure to keep them busy as you can continue on your mission.

Let us learn how to get Piercing Claws – Monster Hunter Rise | MHR| MH Rise

How to Get Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

There is a small list of weapons and a long list of armor that require at least 1 Piercing Claw to craft which is Ludroth Set gear.

Fortunately, to get Piercing Claws is not that tough. 5 High-Rank monsters will give you a Piercing Claw at the end of the battle, those are:

1. Jagras

2. Ludroth

3. Izuchi

4. Uroktor

5. Rachnoid

In case, it is difficult to get Piercing Claws at High Rank from the above-mentioned monsters, it is recommended to try to capture them rather than slaying. You can do this easily by using a Shock Trap on the monster when it is low and then throwing a few Tranq Bombs on its face to blow out.

There are various useful materials and items in MH Rise which players can obtain from slaying the several beasts. Suitably, dubbed ‘Monster Materials’ can be utilized in recipes, applied on their own, or can be sold to merchants to earn a decent profit. In this game, it pays to live the lifestyle of the hunters.

The Capcom describes it as “Dangerous to touch with bare hands, it’s used as a knife in some workshops” and “Material from high rank small fanged wyverns. Sharp enough that it might serve as a makeshift knife”.

Hope you have learned how to get Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise.

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