How to Get Pets in Torchlight 3

How to Get Pets in Torchlight III

If you haven’t had your fill of Dungeon games with Minecraft Dungeons, Torchlight 3 released yesterday that will allow you to embark on new challenges. It’s the third installment in the Torchlight series. Although pets were not as vital in Minecraft Dungeons, they pay a key role in this game. They are a constant companion and follow you around. Pets also come with their own skillset and can be classified in three class – Auras, Buffs, and Combat Skills. In the game, pets will fight alongside you, carry items, and even take items back to town to sell.

So far, we know there are eight pets in Torchlight Frontiers that you can get. In this guide, we will show you how to get pets in Torchlight3, various types of pets and their skillset.

Pets in Torchlight Frontiers

Here are all the pets you can get in the game.

  • Alpaca – This pet comes in three colors – White, Golden and Chocolate. It’s rarity is normal and you can get the pet at the start of the game.
  • Owl – The Owl is also available in three colors and is one of the three pets you get to choose as you start the game. The Owl colors are Red, Golden, and Teal. It’s rarity is normal.
  • Retriever – Third pet you can choose as you start the dungeons is the Retriever. It comes in four colors – Golden, Chocolate, Silver, Echtralife. Again, the rarity is normal.  
  • Wolf – You can get this pet as you advance in the game and can be found in pet cages. After you defeat bosses in the game, you can get the Wolf. The Wolf comes in three colors – Brown, Grey, and White. The Brown Wolf has magic rarity, Grey Wolf has rare rarity and White Wolf has Legendary rarity.
  • Dragonling – These pets can also be found after you defeat bosses in the game. They can be found in pet cages and come in three colors – Teal, Purple, and Red. The Teal Dragonling has Magic Rarity, Purple Dragonling has Rare Rarity, and the Red Dragonling has Legendary Rarity.  
  • Eagle – Similar to the above two, Eagle Pet can also be found in cages and after defeating bosses in Torchlight Frontiers. The Eagle comes in Various colors Golden, Black, Harpy, Crested, and Bold with respective Rarity Normal, Magic, Magic, Rare, and Legendary.
  • Cat – When you defeat certain bosses you can find the Cat pet in pet cages. They also come in a variety of color and rarity – Buttercup Cat/Normal, Tabby Cat/Magic, Tuxedo Cat/Magic, Siamese Cat/Rare, and Black Cat/Legendary.
  • Chakawary – Again you need to defeat specific bosses in the game to find the Chakawary in pet cages. They come in six colors – Green, Golden, Navy, Aqua, Crimson, and White. The rarity is Green Chakawary has Normal, Golden Chakawary has Magic, Navy Chakawary has Magic, Aqua Chakawary has Rare, Crimson Chakawary has Rare, and White Chakawary has Legendary.

How to Find Pets in Torchlight 3

Regardless of your class, when you start the game you will have the option to choose from three pets we mentioned above – the Alpaca, Owl, and Retriever. The game allows you to rename the pets and choose their color.

You will have a companion with you as you start the game and as you level up you can unlock more pets in Torchlight Frontiers. Besides the first three pets, all other pets have to be won by defeating bosses in the game. Different bosses in the game will have different pets and you can rescue them and make them your own pet. You can also release the pets if you choose to do so. So far the game has eight pets, but as new patches will release and the game progresses we will certainly see more pets introduced in the game. This concludes our guide on how to find and get pets in Torchlight 3.   

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