How to Get Petal Cap in New World

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In New World, you will need to explore through a wide range of materials and resources. There are endless items to find across the regions. Petal Cap is one of them which you will need to get in order to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest. Since this item is not highlighted on any fan-made resource map, it could be awfully difficult to find out Petal Cap in New World. Go through the following guide where we have mentioned the exact location where you can find out certain Petal Caps. Let’s learn how do you get Petal Cap in New World.

New World: How to Get Petal Cap

You can find out Petal Cap throughout New World in any forested area. However, it often produces very little in comparison to other nodes such as hemp and bushes.

Essentially, there are two main locations where you will surely get Petal Caps.

1. Next so a small pond in Windsward Village

One location where you will definitely get Petal Caps is next to a small pond in the west of Windsward Village. On the eastern side of the water body, you will be able to find a small amount of Petal Caps. However, if you are looking for a hefty amount of Petal Caps, the following is the second location. 

2. In the Forest area across Cooper’s Ranch

When you visit the Northwest side of Windsward Village, make your way across the Cooper’s Ranch. This is the spot where you can find out a large amount of Petal Caps.

Petal Cap can’t only be used to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest but also, it is a very important resource that uses in crafting several potions and reagents.

That’s everything you need to know about How do you Get Petal Cap in New World.

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