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How to Get Overwatch Coins for Free in Overwatch 2

How to Get Overwatch Coins for Free in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the 2016 multiplayer shooter game Overwatch, which earned massive success. As a sequel to the game, players were expecting a lot from Overwatch 2, and the game, to some extent, satisfied the expectations of the players, and they are praising the gameplay.

If you are a fan of online games, you are accustomed to in-game currencies. Every type of game has their in-game currencies available that players can purchase and use to buy in-game items like battle passes or other items. Overwatch 2 also has its in-game currency called Overwatch Coins. This guide will help players know how to get Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2- How to Get Them for Free?

For video game players, in-game currency is a common thing that almost every game features, regardless of their genre. Shooting games like COD, Fortnite, etc., every game has its in-game currency that players can earn and use to purchase the Battle Pass or Cosmetic Items. In Overwatch 2 also, the Overwatch Coins have the same function. They are also used to purchase the Premium Battle Pass and other Cosmetic items.

If you are curious about getting Overwatch Coins, purchasing them from the in-game store is the easiest. Visit the Shop option on the Home screen, and you can purchase the Overwatch Coins from there by spending real money. However, if you are not willing to spend money but want to have some Overwatch Coins, you can get them for free.

To Get Overwatch Coins free, you have to focus on completing the weekly Challenges. You can find the Weekly Challenges under the Challenges tab. Check out the Challenges, and you can find which weekly challenge will give you the most Overwatch Coins. Though the Weekly Challenges never give you a ton of Overwatch Coins, you can still give it a try, as it doesn’t cost you anything.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2. Until now, this is the only way to get Overwatch Coins for free. Though Overwatch Coins are not essential to play Overwatch 2, the free method is worth trying. Of course, you can enjoy the gameplay without trying to get a single Overwatch Coin, but if you are looking forward to buying the Battle Pass or cosmetics, you have to focus on earning Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2.

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