How to Get Ooblets Seeds in Ooblets and Grow Them

Ooblets has so many similarities with Pokemon, but it also includes the farm element of Harvest Moon. Like Pokemon, the game has creatures that fight each other, but in the game it’s called a dance. If you defeat another Ooblet in a dance, you don’t get to capture the creature, instead, you have the option to get a seed. So, to get the Ooblet seed you need to defeat a creature in a dance and choose to receive the seed. Once you have the seed, you can grow it into an Ooblet. Read the guide as we will talk more about how to get Ooblet seed in the game Ooblets and grow them into a companion.  

How to Get Ooblets Seeds in Ooblets and Grow Them

Before you can get the seed of an Ooblet you want, you need to approach the creature and offer it the item or the vegetable it wants. You must have the item on you. If you don’t you can return to your farm to get the vegetable; however, there is also a chance you may miss the Ooblet and hence the chance of a dance and ultimately the seed. So, make sure you have the likely items that Ooblets desire, especially when you want to a Gleamy Ooblet as they are rare and the opportunity may not arise any time soon.

After you offer the item to the Ooblet, you can start the dance with your Ooblet just like a fight in Pokemon. Your Ooblet needs to defeat the other Ooblets with moves. At the end of the dance, the Ooblet will offer you the seed. Take the seed and return to your farm. Plant the seed like any other crop and wait for it to grow like a normal plant. Tend to the seed like a normal plant with regular watering. After a certain amount of time, the seed will sprout into the Ooblet you danced with.

Once you have the creature, you can level it up to battle other Ooblets and acquire their seed as well. That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about getting the Ooblet seed in the game and growing them. Check our other guides for more tips and tricks.   

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