How to Get No Limits Cloak in Forspoken

 How to Get No Limits Cloak in Forspoken

If you are an action-adventure game fan, it is impossible not to hear about Forspoken. This game is one of the most-awaited games of this year and was released only a day back, on 24th January 2023. This game has tons of features to explore, including new cloaks that provide Frey with unique bonuses. However, this guide will help players know about the No Limits Cloak in Forspoken.

Forspoken No Limits Cloak Location- Where to Find?

If you have been playing Forspoken, you have probably got the point that the game has tons of things to discover, and each of them has some unique bonuses to provide. For example, there are different types of Cloaks in the game that boosts the firepower, defense, and health of Frey.

Cloaks unlock pretty early in the game, and the first cloak players can attach to Frey is the Hooded Cloak. Later as you progress, you’ll unlock other cloaks and try them on to see their bonuses. Among the other Cloaks available in the game, there’s one cloak named No Limits Cloak that comes with a unique ability to boost attacks when healing items are used. So, naturally, players have been looking for this cloak in Forspoken.

Unfortunately, No Limits Cloak is not an in-game item, and players can’t find it naturally while playing the game. Players who have pre-ordered the game on PS5 can get the No Limits Cloak. However, even PC players who pre-ordered the game can’t get it. It’s exclusively for PS players and players who haven’t preordered the game or playing it on PC, can’t get the No Limit Cloak.

Forspoken No Limits Cloak Location- Where to Find

If you have pre-ordered Forspoken on PlayStation, go to the Clock section in the Gear Menu and check the inventory to see if the No Limits Clock is there. If you find it in your inventory, you can instantly start using it.

That’s all you need to know about how to get No Limits Cloak in Forspoken.


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