How to Get Mountshrooms – Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

There are a lot of items in Monster Hunter Rise that you need to collect from the world or by carving them out of monsters. The ultimate goal of all this effort is to get better weapons and armor, so you can take on stronger monsters and repeat the process until the end of the game. One of the item you may have difficulty finding is the Mountshrooms.

While a lot of item can be gathered from the map in various locations or hunting monsters, there are some rarer items that players can only obtain from the merchant or by speaking to the Felyne Chief Kogarashi. Here is how to get Mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise.   

How to Get Mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise

While the Mountshrooms is available in the world of MH Rise, you cannot get it yourself from an expedition. Instead, you need to rely on the game’s other mechanics. Here is the complete process you can follow to get the item and increase the chances of getting it.

  1. Get to the Kamura Village’s Buddy Plaza.
  2. Speak with Felyne Chief Kogarashi to access the Meowcenaries menu.
  3. You will now be able to send pets on various maps to collect items.
  4. Send the pets to Shrine Ruins. The more pets you send the greater the chance of getting the item.
  5. Choose the path for the pets to follow. Choose the sparkly mushroom image.
  6. Choose the buddies you want to send. You can send up to 4 buddies.
Mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise

Besides the above steps, by having the Lagniapple you can increase the chances of the reward. Get the help of the Mewocenaries by spending 150 Kamura Points.

In a nutshell, this is how to get the Mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise.   

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