How to Get More Influence in Humankind

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Like every 4X game, Humankind is also a game based on influence. Players need to expand their territory by using cultural enrichment and technological advancement and rival with their neighbors. Influence is a sort of a resource that can be used to build cities in Humankind. Since this game is quite complicated, the devs have already released several in-game guides and prompts so that the players can learn it easily, however, players have no idea how to make more influence in Humankind. And so we have prepared a simple guide so that you will understand it easily. Go through the following guide.

How to Get More Influence in Humankind

Basically, there are two different ways to make more influence on Humankind. 

1. Neolithic Influence

In this game, the game will run around many eras of human history. The very first era is the Neolithic era in which you take control of nomadic tribes. This is the best spot to make more influence by haunting and exploring. Throughout the map, you will find glowing ‘curiosity’ points. You can send your unit there to examine them, and in case they are an ancient encampment, then you will get 5 influence points as well as 1 science point.

2. In the Ancient Era and Beyond

Ancient Era is another best place to make more influence in Humankind. You will need to build cities and make more and more influence.

If the city has more population, then you will get more influence. However, it can be reduced by the stability of the city. 

– If the city has 91% to 100% stability, it will generate 2 influences per population point

– If the city has 30% to 90% stability, it will generate 1 influence per population point

– If the city has 0% to 29% stability, it will not generate any influence

That’s how you can make more influence on Humankind. Also, check out our next post – How to Increase City Capacity in Humankind.

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