How to Get More Credits in Everspace 2

Just like crafting, credits are also an important part of the Everspace 2 mechanics. You require credits for just about everything in the game including crafting rare blueprints. Credits are currencies in the game and as you progress you will discover various ways you can obtain them. But, due to their importance, its natural players want to know how to get more Credits in Everspace 2 from the get go. Keep scrolling through the post and we will tell you all about credits and the best way to farm them.

How to Farm Credits in Everspace 2

To get more credits or farm them in Everspace 2, there are a range of things you can do from looting, completing missions, selling unwanted resources, complete challenges, and discovering new lifeforms. To get to the nitty-gritty of farming credits, there are over five ways you can do it and maybe more as we discover the game further and the developers add more features to the game.

We have broadly categorized the various ways you can farm Credits in the game. They are as below.

Looting Shipwrecks and Containers

You can loot shipwrecks and container for credits. The game has plenty of looting options, so be sure to check out every space possible especially ship wrecks and containers. Besides the shipwrecks, wreckage and derelicts also drop credits, so ensure to check both the places for credits when you come across them. Containers can be found in shipwrecks as well as dropped by freighters and ships. When you come across one, loot them and you can find credit as well as other things like blueprints, equipment, and resources. For example, when you repair the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim mission, there is a ship wreck ahead from the asteroid that has some containers you can loot.

Complete NPC and Faction Missions

Both the NPC and Faction missions in Everspace 2 will reward you with credits. Some of the NPCs you meet in the game will require you to complete certain tasks. Upon completion of the task, you can get credits as reward. Faction missions are also great for farming credits.

Discover New Extraplanetary Lifeforms

Discovering new lifeforms is another great way to earn credits. And you don’t have to do much. As you explore the vast world of the game, simply keep a lookout for lifeforms and scan them. For rate lifeforms that you discover, you will get better credits.

Sell Resources You No Longer Want

Another great way to earn some credit is to sell the unused resources on you to vendors. You will find these vendors in various places. This is a great way to free up space as well as get credits for them.

Complete Challenges

Finally, completing challenges can also get you credits as a reward. You will get new challenges up to three before every run. You can complete these challenges to get credits as a reward. So, in a nutshell, these are the various ways to get more credits or farm them in Everspace 2. If we left out something, you can share them in the comments.   

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