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How to Get Minor Rune of Holding in New World

How to Get Minor Rune of Holding New World

Minor Rune of Holding is one of the common crafting elements in New World which can be used in several recipes for Furnishing and Armoring. A simple Holding Rune provides containers the ability to hold more than they usually can. Thus, it is very important to know how to get it. However, it is not clear in the game about its exact location and method. So, here we have prepared a complete guide on How to Get a Minor Rune of Holding in the New World.

How to Get Minor Rune of Holding in New World

Go through the following step-by-step guide to get Minor Rune of Holding in New World.

1. First of all, play some story quests in your journey and then you will get an opportunity to join any of the three factions. You just pick up your

favorite and go ahead.

2. In the next step, speak to the NPC faction representative in the settlement.

3. Then select ‘Open Faction Board’ and click on ‘Buy Rewards’ from the right corner on the upper side.

4. Here you will find several items that you can buy and one of the items you will find is Minor Rune of Holding.

To buy this item, you will have to spend 250 Gold & also 1,000 Faction Points. And these Faction Points can be earned by completing several Faction Missions. Check out them on Faction Board.

In the first quests row, there are PvE missions and in the second one, there is a PvP mission. Just complete them and you will get several Faction Points.   

That’s all for this guide on How to Get Minor Rune of Holding New World.

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