How to Get Married in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to Get Married in Animal Crossing New Horizons

With the ongoing wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizon, players are wondering if they can tie the knot. The straightforward answer to this question is a no. Sorry for the disappointment, but you can celebrate the marriage of the NPCs, which is the reason behind the event. There are over 400 NPCs in the game and during the Wedding season we celebrate the marriage of Reese and Cyrus on the island called Photopia.

So, the event begins on June 1 and runs throughout the month coming to an end on June 30. As mentioned, the event features the celebration of the love of Reese and Cyrus and them tying the knot.

When you jump into the game, you will be greeted by Isabelle and she will announce the event. Harv will ring you and inform that he needs someone who can assist in taking a special photograph. You will then have to depart for airport to get to his Island – Photopia.

Once you arrive at the island, it’s your responsibility to take the photos. Harv has a lot of items that can help you in the job, so nothing to worry about. Have a talk with Cyrus and Reese, get their requirements about of the photo and fulfil their specific desire with the photos.

Try everything and satisfy Reese. If you do that job right, you will get a furniture as gift from her and also some Heart Crystals.

Heart Crystals are exclusively available during the wedding seasons. You can trade the Heart Crystals for special furniture during the current event. Here are some items you can exchange with Heart Crystals in the wedding season:

  • 3 Heart Crystals – Wedding Decorations
  • 4 Heart Crystals – Blue Wedding Rug
  • 5 Heart Crystals – Wedding Bench
  • 12 Heart Crystals – White Wedding Wall
  • 12 Heart Crystals – White Wedding Flooring

Don’t forget to revisit Cyrus and Reese to obtain more Heart Crystals and exchange them for furniture. To conclude the post, you cannot get married in Animal Crossing New Horizon, but you can get handsome rewards for participating in the event and celebrating the love and marriage of the two NPCs.