How to Get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO 2023

 How to Get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO 2023

Pokemon Go was one of the earliest and most popular Augmented Reality-based games; when it initially came out in 2016, everyone wanted to be a Pokemon master or trainer. People might be spotted gazing at and collecting Pokemons in parks and on the streets. The game quickly became popular in the gaming world.

Pokemon Go is notorious for regularly upgrading its in-game strategies and surprising its gamers. New things are continuously being introduced to the game and may be purchased through the in-game shop. Players may get their hands on new updates, equipment, and pokemon that are brought to the game on a regular basis. In today’s Pokemon Go guide, we are going to discuss How to get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2023.

How to Unlock Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO 2023 

The new lucky pokemon that have been introduced in the game are super powerful, and they have high IVs in the game. These pokemon require very less stardust while powering up as compared to regular pokemon. So, these pokemon don’t require many resources, and hence resources can be saved for further updates or power-ups as players need these resources regularly in the game. The pokemon that are obtained through trading are known as Lucky Pokemons being their distinctive feature compared to the regular ones. 

The older the pokemon, the higher the chances get of it being traded and becoming the Lucky Pokemon.  The chances of players getting the Lucky Pokemon also depend upon their luck sometimes. What makes Lucky Pokemon special is their minimum number of IVs, which is 12, far better than the ordinary ones. If you get lucky, you can get a number of lucky pokemon in a day, as there is no limit.

Here is how you can get Lucky Pokemon.

To get the lucky Pokemon, players have to trade their pokemon; the older these Pokemon are, the higher the chances of getting Pokemon becomes.

The chances of getting lucky pokemon in return after trading your oldest pokemon are 

Pokemon less than one-year-old will have a 5 percent chance.

Pokemon with one year of age will have a ten percent of chance.

Pokemon with two years of age will have a 15 percent of chance.

Pokemon that are 3 or more years old will stand a 20 percent of chance of becoming a lucky pokemon.

If players are already lucky friends with someone, then they can trade their pokemon with the lucky friend and there is an assurance of getting a lucky pokemon after the successful trade. 

Trainers can be lucky friends with their best friends by interacting with them regularly. This Lunar New Year Event has increased the chances of becoming a lucky friend with your best friend. 

This concludes the pokemon go guide on how to get lucky pokemon in pokemon go 2023.

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