How To Get Lisa and Ayaka Outfits In Genshin Impact 3.4

 How To Get Lisa and Ayaka Outfits In Genshin Impact 3.4

Genshin Impact patch 3.4 was released on the 18th of January. With the new patch,  came many new events and domains to clear. In patch 3.4, Genshin Impact is releasing 2 new character outfits. Lisa and Ayaka are getting new outfits. Lisa’s outfit is called A Sobriquet under Shade and Ayaka’s outfit is called Springbloom Missive. 

How to get Lisa and Ayaka outfits?

The first thing to note is,  to use Ayaka’s new outfit or Lisa’s new outfit players need to have the character first. It is not a problem with Lisa because she is given to players for free at the start of the game. Now let me tell you how to get them:

Lisa’s new outfit- A Sobriquet Under Shade

Lisa’s new outfit can be obtained for free during the new event called “ Second Blooming” which is arriving on January 31st and will end on February 14th. In the event, players need to clear the event and obtain the necessary points (the total number of points required will be released with the event) to get the outfit for free. 

The history behind Lisa’s new outfit “ A Sobriquet Under Shade” is that Lisa commissioned someone to get the outfit made for her when she revisited Sumeru. 

Note: Lisa’s new outfit will be available in the character outfit shop after 3.4 but players need to spend real money for it. 

Ayaka’s new outfit “Springbloom Missive”

Ayaka’s new outfit can only be obtained by spending 1350 genesis crystals during the limited-time discount period but after the limited discount period ends, the player can buy the outfit for 1680 genesis Crystal. 

Ayaka’s new outfit is designed to illustrate a light novel depicted on the lifestyle of proper ladies who used to live in Fontaine. 

Note: Players need to spend real money to buy the Genesis Crystal and in turn buy the outfit. 

That’s how a player can get both the outfits in Genshin Impact 3.4 and after. Lisa and Ayaka’s outfits are permanent in the game but will require players to spend real money after 3.4 and Ayaka’s new outfit will not get any discount after 3.4.

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