How to Get Level 50 Gear in Outriders

In Outriders, the maximum level for your character is 30 which you will be able to get after completing the campaign. However, you can get level 50 by increasing World and Challenge Tiers. As you kill more and more enemies in Outriders, you will unlock higher challenge tiers that contain higher-level enemies and items. These enemies can be extremely challenging to battle with but the rewards are awfully powerful. Today, we will learn how to get Level 50 Gear in Outriders.

How to Get Level 50 Gear in Outriders

Instead of Power Level or Light Level, Outriders features a Challenge Tier system. When you play the game through campaigns, you are limited to World Tiers. It features WT1 to WT15. At WT15, you will be able to earn Level 30 gear which you can get it naturally as you play through earn levels, story, and increase your World Tier.

However, if you want more than Level 30 gear, you will need to increase your ‘Challenge Tier’. This Tier is quite difficult and exclusive to Expeditions and this can be finished solo or with a team.

Before you proceed to Expedition, you’re allowed to choose the Challenge Tier. When you earn CT XP by playing through Expeditions, you will be able to unlock new Challenge Tiers, and that will allow you to access even higher-level gears – Up to Level 50.

In total, there are 15 Challenge Tiers (CT), and in case you reach the last one, you will get the long-awaited level 50 in Outriders. You mustn’t confuse WTs with CTs. There are three difficulty classes for each Expedition, which are: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

For example, if you get to CT12, you can earn legendary weapons and gears, if you complete this level on Gold difficulty. These objects are necessary to overcome the Expedition challenges, which are much more difficult than what you find in the campaign.

So now you know: if you want to obtain weapons and gears of level 50, you will have to play the Expeditions and complete the Gold difficulties in each level, while gaining experience points. Not only you will want to get these precious weapons and armor, but they will be necessary to overcome each enemy, and consequently, each level of Expeditions.

In Outriders, there are 14 different Expeditions that vary in difficulty and length, but if you’re focusing to get Level 50 Gear in no time, you need to focus on Chem Plant, Archways of Enoch, and Stargrave Expeditions, as these are easy to complete and farm for better gear.

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